Races - Human

Human Knight

Humans are a strong and proud race. Following their tradition of chivalry, these brave knights are heavily armored and trained in a variety of weapons.

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  • With Rising Might, anyone's strength can be greatly increased!
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  • Shield Push knocks your enemy far away from you and your party!
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  • Start the fight off with Bleeding, and your opponent will lose lots of health over time!
Human Guardian

"You think humans only know how to defend? Let me show you how wrong you are!"
Guardians are aggressive and heavily armored melee combatants. They rush into the thick of combat and apply lots of pressure with their damage.

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  • Crazy Standing roots you to the ground, but dramatically increases your attack speed and damage!
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  • Stoneskin prevents all physical damage you take for a short period of time!
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  • Knight Symbol not only dramatically increases your damage, but it also disables your opponent's defense!
Human Defender

"With my shield, I will protect my party."
Defenders are specialized tanking characters with the ability to withstand lots of damage from multiple sources.

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  • Blue Suction quickly drain's your enemies mana, keeping them from using spells!
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  • A wide area taunt, Taunt Roar keeps all the enemies focused on you!
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  • Extinction stuns many enemies all around you, allowing your party to regroup and strike!