Clashing of Valley

Valley of Clash Feature

  • Maximum 350 people can enter Valley of Clash (Attackers 300, Defense 50)
  • Guardian NPC increases as how many attackers participate.
  • More buff effects towards defender would be applied as how many attackers participate.
  • This place has no EXP/Item drop as well as no murderer record.
  • Time Attack Mission Field that has limited time for the target.
  • Defenders need to take nether boss down in crossroads towards sacred ground.
  • There are debuff zone existed.
  • Pet or mount cannot be used in Valley of Clash (Teleport is not able)
  • Every participant will wear Valley of clash costume.

  • Valley of Clash Victory Condition and Reward

  • Attacker Victory Condition
    After kill two nether boss monsters in crossroads, destroy altar in sacred ground
  • Defender Victory Condition
    Protect altar until time overs
  • Battle is over whenever altar is destroyed.
  • Victory Reward
    Attackers : Town Tax Rate -10%, Receive Valley Treasure Box
    Defender : Town Tax Rate +10%
  • If defender participants are less than 50%,ownership for castle will be changed to attackers.
  • Tax Rate decreases 10% in this case too.

  • Clashing Valley Entrance

  • Click Clashing Valley Icon in right quick menu.
  • Clashing Valley is held every Saturday, 30 minutes after Township Battle from 22:00 to 22:30.
  • There will be a message in the middle of screen in 5 minutes, and then players can enter.
  • Only players over level 70 can enter, players must change from assassin mode to enter.
  • After battle starts, players can not enter as well as logout.
  • Through the UI, players can check how many participants are in the battle as well as the Guardian NPC Rank.
  • Valley of Clash

  • Clashing Valley consists of crossroads, each route where the Nether Boss is located at.
  • There are damage zones applied near the Nether Boss that inflicts consistent damage to users.
  • Both boss monsters need to be taken down in order to attack the Altar.
  • Entrance into sacred ground. Attackers receive debuff for a minute.
  • Bridge towards Altar. There will be two more routes opened after 20 minutes.
  • [ Altar of Gold ]
  • Defenders need to protect the alter for a specific amount of time while attackers need to destroy it in time.
  • Clashing Valley Battle

  • Players will automatically be allocated in Clashing Valley.
  • Battle status can be checked through the Clashing Valley UI.
  • [Clashing Valley Interface]

    1 Left Time
    2 Monster Status
    3 Altar HP Status

  • Revive at their bind in certain time after die (Attackers: 15sec, Defenders: 1sec)
  • Attackers receive critical debuff after revive.
  • Defenders receive sacred ground bless, and it lasts after death as well.
  • Attackers receive debuff while passing bridge towards sacred ground.
  • Sacred Ground Bless/ Pressure / Fatal Injury
    [Sacred Ground Bless]
    Both attack and defense increase for Defense Guild.
    Attackers decrease attack / movement speed while passing bridge towards sacred ground.
    [Fatal Injury]
    Decrease HP and Mana when attackers die.

    Valley of Clash Monster and Guardian Info

    Nether Boss Monster
    - Place: At crossroads(2)
    Monster Info
    Light Guardian
    - At left part
    Dark Guardian
    - At right part
    Guardian Knight
    Melee Attack Guardian
    [Lower Level / Normal / Higher Level create as participants of attackers.]
    Guardian Magician
    Magic Attack Guardian
    [Lower Level / Normal / Higher Level create as participants of attackers.]
    Guardian Ranger
    Ranged Attack Guardian
    [Lower Level / Normal / Higher Level create as participants of attackers.]