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Gratt Underground Waterway

Inspectors of the Union Force have found new dungeons.
A brand new windmill inspired Dungeon composed of over 50 rooms where loads of people can play simultaneously! Explore all corners of this multi-level dungeon.
Entering the Gratt Underground Waterway
Talk to Nahilee and Taru, new NPCs added to welcome you to the dungeon.
Nahilee is located near the Limestone Foothill Bindstone.

Talk to Taru located at the dungeon entrance if you wish to enter the upper level of Gratt Dungeon.

Gratt Underground Waterway Map
Level of monsters within the dungeon will increase as you get further away from the center. Corridors are monster-free, but 7~8 lurk inside the dark rooms.
Note that there are no boss monsters in Gratt dungeon.

Lower Level of Gratt Underground Waterway
Upper Level of Gratt Underground Waterway
Lower Level of Gratt Underground Waterway
Monsters of Gratt Underground Waterway
Names of monsters vary by location & rank. Always double check their names during your hunt.
Monsters in Lower Level Waterway
Monsters in Upper Level Waterway