Numerous monsters are positioned in all regions of the Rohan Continent. Gamers must engage in combat utilizing exclusive skills and assorted tactics when encountering a monster. Both the keyboard and mouse can be used when battling in R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud. When you log in for the first time, characters begin in front of Bindstones of corresponding start towns. Did you locate the Bindstone Gatekeeper? Talk to the gatekeeper to launch your first hunt in R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud.

First quest: Capture Nearby Vargs! (Imps for Half Elves)

  • Click on your Inventory (I) and equip yourself with the novice weaponry provided.
  • Monsters can be selected by left-clicking on the desired monster. In PVP, Ctrl+left-click on mouse to enable PK.
  • This window provides information on the chosen target. If the target is a monster, the monster's level equivalent to your current level are indicated in different colors.
  • This window displays the skills your character currently possesses. Skill window (K) provides current skills and their corresponding skill points enables use of those skills. Drag each skill to save in the action bar (B) as a hotkey, and saved skills can be accessed with the mouse or the numbers 1-0 on your keyboard.
  • Mission complete! Go back to Bindstone Gatekeeper NPC to complete the quest.
Items Monsters may drop crones and items upon being killed.
Items can be collected by pressing the Space bar, or by double-clicking on the item.
Death & Revive Characters will die when their HP is depleted. While dead, characters can only engage in chat and are unable to move, use skills, or acquire items. Characters can be revived by moving to the Bindstone designated as the revival point or by another player using a Revive Scroll, the Elf skill Revive or Dekan skill Karma.
EXP reduction and forced item-drop rates are higher for Murderers or Dhans in Assassination Mode compared to ordinary players.