In-Game Interface

1. The Game Interface
Interface Function
1. Status Window Shows your character's Level, HP, MP and M.kill and other basic information. You can self-target by clicking this window.

2. Target Window Shows your target's information such as buff/debuff. This only shows up while targeting a character or monster, and can be closed by pressing [ESC] or [X] button.

3. Buff Window Shows your buff and debuff skills. Double-click on the buff to deactivate it.

4. Mini Map Shows your position and other surrounding environment.

5. Side Bar Has features such as Party Matching, Mini Card Game, Merged Inventory, Recycle System and Exchange Inventory.

6. Chat Window Shows chat messages. There are tabs for All, Party, Legion, Guild and Alliance. You can see specific group chats by clicking on each tab.

7. System Message Window Shows system messages such as damage taken, items acquired, and expiration of cash items.

8. Basic Menu Has basic options such as Character, Inventory, Skill, Party and Item Mall.

9. Skill Window You may place any skills, items and actions in the numbered windows as shortcut.
2. Keyboard Controls

Movement Keys

W Move Forward
A Turn Left
S Retreat
D Turn Right
Q Strafe Left
E Strafe Right
Camera Up
Camera Left
Camera Down
Camera Right

Combat Keys

0-9 Action Bar Hotkey
TAB Select Enemies
HOME Select Enemies

Quick Launch Icon Keys

C Character Information
I Inventory
K Skill
B Action Bar
N Basic Movement
M Open Minimap
G Guild
J Quest
F Seller's Kiosk Search
L Friend Search

Selection Keys

F1 Select Your Character
F2-F6 Select Party Member
END Select NPC's in the Area

System Keys

O Game Options
F11 Hide Interface
ESC Close Active Windows
PRTSCN Screenshot*
ENTER Open Chat Interface
PGUP Scroll Chat Window Up
PGDN Scroll Chat Window Down

*Screenshots will be saved under My Documents/RohanScreenShot/

3. Mouse Controls
  • LEFT CLICK  -  Select Target, Movement, Hotkey Icons and Menu
  • DOUBLE LEFT CLICK  -  Attack Target, Follow Another Player
  • CTRL + LEFT CLICK  -  Attack Another Player
  • MOUSE WHEEL  -  Zoom-in and Zoom-out
  • RIGHT CLICK  -  Alter Direction and POV controls
4. Hotkey Remapping
All commands in the game are pre-mapped to your keyboard to allow you easy access to "hot keys". If you would like to re-map the hot keys to your liking, simply click on the small blue question mark "?" on the lower left corner of your screen, just above the green "MENU" button. When you click on it, a popup box will appear. You can re-map any keys with the exception of "W, S, Q, E, A, and D as those keys are used for on-screen movement and cannot be changed.