Mini Game


Fishing is a new minigame with an objective of using assorted items acquired in hunts as bait for fish in the Fishing Hole event site. Fishing Hole NPCs in each town allow entry into Fishing Holes and no entry restrictions apply. Fishing rods can be easily purchased from Fishing Equipment NPC at the Fishing Hole, and the higher the fishing rod grade and price the higher the probability of catching premium fish. Bait used in fishing include items such as weaponry and armor. The pricier the bait, the higher the chances of baiting high-grade catch. You will find various items inside the catch according to grade including potion, luxury armor and weaponry, Option Stones, and Skill Enhancement Stones.

Fishing Instructions

  • Enter Fishing Hole and purchase a Fishing Rod.
  • Move to the lakeside and double-click on the fishing rod in your Inventory.
  • When the fishing window is generated, place bait (weapon, armor) in the window and press Start.
  • If the float quivers, a fish has been baited. Aim the fishing gauge over the indicated spot and press the Space bar or Stop button.
  • Upon verifying the type of catch by opening your Inventory, double-click on the fish whereupon you will be able to acquire items at random.