The world of R.O.H.A.N.:Blood Feud is FULL of Player Vs. Player Action! There are many different ways to fight your enemies, and lots of rewards for doing so! A system that is unique to R.O.H.A.N. blood feud is the Vengeance system!

Each character is allotted one PVP opportunity for every 3 hours of playtime.

  • Available number of kills begins at 10 with 1 point deducted upon each PVP victory.
  • Kill counts less than 10, with the last PVP as the basis, rises by 1 count for every 1 hour of playtime.
  • Keep track of your 3-hour PVP session with the timer at the bottom of the Hit list interface. The timer will be reset with the start of a PVP session.
  • If all 10 allotted counts are depleted, your character is indicated as a Murderer, and you cannot engage in PK or PVP for 10 hours of playtime to revert to normal mode.
  • Immediately preceding becoming a Murderer, by employing Repent, double-speed count recovery is provided to Humans via the Cathedral Keeper and other races via Town Head Guards (to be implemented).
  • Upon becoming a Murderer, character name will turn red and your character will be subjected to attacks from other players and guard NPCs stationed at town gates.
  • Murderers can be attacked without incurring a deduction in the available kill count.

You will be summoned to your killer by clicking on the axe icon next to the player ID displayed on the Hit list.


    The Vengeance/Hit List is a system exclusive to R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud enabling you to keep track of your PVP battle outcomes and avenge yourself. The Hit list records 50 battles you have engaged in and their respective opponents and outcomes. If you have been killed in arbitrary PVP, or were killed under circumstances you deemed unfair, you can verify the log of the battle in the Hit List of the corresponding player, and via the Vengeance system, teleport to that player and get your revenge! Maybe you got killed by someone higher level than you, and you need help? The Vengeance systems lets you teleport a party to the target as well! The Vengeance system grants one opportunity for avenging yourself against your killer recorded in the Hit list, but via Vengeance Charge NPCs stationed in each town, one additional opportunity can be added using Vengeance points.

    Each character starts with 10 PVP opportunities a day, with them refilling 1 every 1 hour. You can keep track of your PVP opportunities with a timer at the bottom of the Hit List interface. The timer will be reset with the start of a PVP session. If you use up all 10 of your PVP opportunities without letting them recharge, you will be branded a murderer! Once becoming a murderer, you will need to engage in 10 hours of play-time without participating in PVP/PK in order to return to Normal Status. Stay aggressive, but if you don't limit the bloodshed, you will be branded a murderer!

    Upon becoming a Murderer, your character name will turn red and your character will be subjected to attacks from other players (With no penalty to their PVP opportunities!) and the guards stationed at town gates.

  • Using Vengeance for the first time will inactivate the icon, and paying a set fee to each town's recall charge NPC will activate the icon for one Vengeance session.
  • Party transport and summons is contingent upon consent of party members. Summons is not available if the opposing player is logged out or in a Safe Zone.