Township Battle

  • Township Battle is a massive PVP battle system taking place on independent battlefields instead of ordinary fields.
  • With numerous guilds vying to occupy strongholds, the guild having accumulated the greatest amount of points is awarded the right to levy taxes in the designated area.
  • The winning guild of TSB (Township Battle) will be qualified to participate in Clashing Valley (Guild Castle War) as the defense side who will battle against any other participants from the attacking side.
  • TBS is held every Saturday 21:00-21:30, PST. The waiting time is 20:30-21:00.

  • Township Battle Requests
    • Township Battles are held during a designated period.
    • Township Battles are currently held only in one Battlefield (Ash'kelen).
    • Guilds with more than 30 members and with members above Level 30 are eligible.
    • Advance requests must be made to Township Battle Mediator NPCs stationed in each town of each race.
    • Only guild masters reserve the authority to submit Township Battle/coalition requests or issue an acceptance.
    • Guild masters must purchase required items from Township Battle Mediator NPCs to prepare for battle.
    Name Applicable region Price
    Light of Ash'kelen Ash'kelen 50,000 crones

    Township Battle Stages

    Request period: Township battle/alliance requests are made to Township Battle Mediator NPCs in major cities.

    Standby Period: Upon entering Battlefields via battlefield gates near Bindstones of each race, guilds stand-by for battle. Skill cannot be wielded and battle cannot be waged in Battlefields during this time.

    Battle Period: Actual township battles take place and skills can be wielded.

    Occupying Strongholds in Township Battles.

    Each Battlefield is comprised of 3 camps varying in size with a holdbase stationed in each one. Strongholds are occupied by conquering a stronghold and the guild master placing a stronghold occupation item inside. At the time of destruction the guild having inflicted the greatest damage, and their ally guilds, are granted a 2-minute priority occupation.

    Township Battle Score Allocation

    Fifteen, twenty five, or fifty points are awarded for occupation depending on the stronghold location. Stronghold occupation points are awarded every minute with the amount depending on the stronghold. If an occupied stronghold is captured by another guild, stronghold occupation points are retained. Two bonus points are also awarded for killing a member of an opposing guild.
    A guild having failed to occupy at least one stronghold by the end of Township Battle cannot be victorious regardless of how many points it has accumulated. If two guilds have acquired the same amount of points, the guild with the lower overall guild member number, the guild master rank, and average level of guild members is given priority. Points acquired by guilds during Township Battles are converted into guild points which can be used to purchase guild skills upon termination of battle.