Crafting / Upgrading


So You Want to Be a Producer?

First off, we'll need to find the trainers that will assist you on your journey. Find the "Fishing Hole Gatekeeper" in any of the starting towns. You may notice that he has been upgraded to be a "Studio Gatekeeper" as well!

Click on him/her then select:

"I want to enter the Crafting Studio."

Once inside, you will find yourself right outside the studio itself. Walk inside and locate the NPC "Kacie". Players can choose 1 of the 4 crafting professions available. There is also an option to reset your current crafting job which will allow you to start a new crafting profession of your choice. Keep in mind that if you reset your profession, you will lose all the blueprints and skill points associated with that profession. So reset only if you are "sure" you want to start a new one.
The 4 professions to choose from are:

  • Weaponsmith : Create devastating weapons for all classes. Throughout their training, weaponsmiths will learn how to add sockets to weapons they create. These sockets can be filled with Reinforcement Stones created by the Accessory Crafters.
  • Armorsmith : Protect youself and your allies by making powerful armors. Like weaponsmiths, armorsmiths can socket items they can make.
  • Accessory Producer : Impress the ladies and your foes with the shine of your jewelry. Skilled Accessory Crafters will be able to create Enhance Stones which will increase the level and stats of an item.
  • Magic Tool Producer : The Magic Tool Crafters create powerful Reinforcement Stones that can be placed into sockets for a certain amount of time.

Players can access the Character Information Screen by pressing "C" on their keyboard. There have been some slight changes to go with the crafting update. Players will be able to equip special items for producing/gathering as well as check their producing/gathering skills and blueprints.

   Production/Gathering : Toggles between the Production and Gathering tabs to view gear and skills.

   Inventory : Just like equipping armor and weapons. Equip gear to assist you in crafting and

   Crafting Information : View your job, progression and level for crafting or gathering.

Blueprints -
To craft anything at all, you will need blueprints. Blueprints can be purchased from the Supplies Shop Owner in the Crafting Studio. However, many of the rare blueprints can only be dropped by monsters.

Helmets -
Increase the success rate during the crafting session.

Chest and Boots -
Reduce the chance of interruptions during the crafting process.

Gloves -
Decreases the fail rate while crafting.

Tools -
Increases your character crafting point total.

Reagents -
During the crafting process, you may experience difficulties. Using these items will help you get back on track.

Assorted Materials -
Materials collected from the gathering professions, extracted from weapons and armor.

Crafting Stations -
4 different crafting stations depending on your profession.

Extraction Pulverizer -
Extract special materials from weapons, armor and option stones to use while crafting.

The Process

You are not quite ready to begin producing. Find the nearest producing station and right click on it. Opening the crafting station will bring you to your blueprint list.

  Each profession will have a number of items it can create. The icons at the top are the different categories.

  This will categorize the weapons into different grades. As your Crafting Skill Level increases, you will be able to create higher graded weapons.

  You will then get to choose the specific item you would like to create. A list should look like this.

  Once you have selected the blueprint, click on the confirm button to continue.

Once you have confirmed the item, it will bring you to the blueprint window. It will let you know what materials you need and what the outcome will look like if everything goes according to plan.

The name of the item. Hover over the icon with your mouse to reveal the final product of the item.

A list of materials needed to continue producing the item. Hover over the icon for the exact names.

  In Possession
The number of that material in your current inventory. If the number is green you have a sufficient amount. If the number is red, you do not have enough of the required item.

This list will let you know how much of the specific material you need. If you do not have enough, the "In Possession" number will be in red.

  Perfect Craft Points
The amount of craft points needed to create a perfect item.
Max Sockets
The total number of sockets with a perfect item.
Craft Time
The amount of time it takes to create the item.
Reuse Time
The amount of time you will have to wait to use this specific blueprint again.
Reagents Needed
The number of reagents used per anomaly.
Number of Attempts
Total number of attempts possible based on what you have in your inventory.

  Start Crafting
When you are ready to begin, press this button.

Once the final crafting begins, the green bar will start to progress. As the green bar progresses, it should pass certain "checkpoints". These checkpoints indicate the item's resulting quality.

Your character has 45 seconds to fill up the bar. Once the 45 seconds are over, the quality of the item will be dependent on how far the green bar has progressed.
Each item has a set number of unexpected outcomes. This is dependent on the number of CP your character has and the total number of CP the item requires..

When an unexpected anomoly happens, a box will appear with an icon in the middle. You have 3 seconds to click on one of the reagents. Make sure you are fully stocked and don't go afk during the process.

The Finished Product

Once the crafting is complete, you can hover over the icon with your mouse to check the item's "Item Grade", "Quality" and the number of "sockets" crafted into the item.

Now you can find other crafters to fill those sockets with stones and further enhance your item.

Have fun and good luck!!
Upgrading With the addition of the crafting system, there are many new features that have been brought to the game. Weapons can now be upgraded by both accessory producers and magic tool producers by using Enhancing Stones or Reinforcement Stones on your items.

Creating these items are not an easy task. Rare materials must be gathered and magical reagents must be extracted from items around the world. So if you aren't willing to create them yourselves, make sure to befriend a producer.

Reinforcing an Item

Reinforcement Stones Created by accessory crafters, these magical stones will increase the stats of your weapon. Weapons can be increased up to 30 times. Be careful though, failing an upgrade will destroy the weapon.

Step 1:

Choose an item you would like to reinforce.
I have taken an item created by a Blacksmith.

Step 2:

Find a reinforcement stone from one of your local accessory crafters. As you can see, this reinforcement stone increases the level of the weapon by 1. This level is NOT the required level that changes.

Step 3:

Double click on the reinforcement stone in your inventory and the enhancement window should appear.

  Place the equipment item you want reinforce.

  Abradant stones work like preservation stones.   It will save your item upon reinforcement failure.

Step 4:

  Place weapon in the Equipment Slot and an   >Abradant Stone in the Abradant slot if you have  one.

  When you have done this, click on the Start
  Enhancement button. Good luck!

Reinforcing an Item The Final Product

As you can see, there are a few changes to the weapon. First off, it now has a +1 in the name which means the Reinforcement Level has been increased by 1. You can increase the level up to 30. Another change is that all the stats have been increased by 5. As you increase the item level, the stats will continue to increase. But be careful, if you fail the reinforcement, the weapon and the stone will be destroyed.

Socketing an Item

Spirit Stones Magic Tool Crafters can create powerful Spirit Stones that can be placed into weapons and armor created by weaponsmiths and armorsmiths. These stones will increase your stats for a certain period of time. The increase in stats stack with each other and stack with the Enhancing Stones mentioned above.

Step 1:

Find a weapon or piece of armor created by a player. As of now, only crafted items can have sockets.

As you can see, this particular weapon has 4 available slots to socket. The number of sockets will depend on the quality of the item.

Step 2:

Next, you will need some Spirit Stones from your local Magic Tool Crafter. The Spirit Stone to the right will increase your Strength by 15 when it is successfully socketed into a weapon.

Step 3 :

When you are ready to socket your item, right click on it. Click the Equip Spirit Stone button once you are ready to socket. Description: Shows the current options on the item. As you socket or reinforce the item, the stats will increase. Sockets: Show the available/used sockets that are currently on the item. As you socket Spirit Stones into an item, it will show the information of that stone.

Step4 :

The Socket Enhancement Window will appear on your screen. Place up to 4 spirit stones into the boxes. A box will prompt you to confirm and the die will roll.

**NOTE** If you fail on placing a socket in the item, you will lose the Spirit Stone and the socket will disappear from the item.

Socketing an Item The Final Product

When you successfully socket the Spirit Stone, hover over the weapon to check out the stats. You will see purple colored text showing the increase of stats. All Spirit Stone upgrades will show in the purple text.