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- ROHANOPOLY is a board game where you roll a dice with coins and move to win items, a special Golden Key item, or a Random Card.

You can earn 1 free coin per day.

You can exchange 5 prizes for an additional coin.

You can purchase ROHANOPOLY coins.

- You need to obtain coins to play ROHANOPOLY. You get one dice roll per coin.
(See how to get more coins)

- Obtain coins and select [Play Once] or [Auto Play]. The dice roll will determine how many spaces you move forward and you will earn the prize of the space you land on.
(Auto Play will play until you run out of coins.)

- If you land on a Golden Key space, you will win one of the listed items randomly. Random Card spaces (? space) will move you around the board.

- If you make your way around the entire board and back to the start space, you will earn a Golden Key prize!

- If you play ROHANOPOLY again, you will be able to choose the last space where you were and continue the game.

- You can go to [Prize List] menu to see all the prizes that you have earned where you can also claim them.

(Item will be sent to Item Mall Inventory. You will not be able to send it back to Prize List.)